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The Annual Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation

26 avril 2018 - 28 avril 2018

Open European Day will be held for the fifth edition back-to-back with the Bonn Resilient Cities conference on 25th April 2018.
European cities and key adaptation voices from different institutions will converge at the 5th OED to exchange and debate on the most pressing issues around climate adaptation and urban resilience.
Cities have lauded previous years’ editions as inspiring and informative, particularly due to the characteristic interactive format and emphasis on exchange and discussions: the OED is PowerPoint-free zone. Audiences of between 100 and 150 participants at previous editions have been primarily made up of cities and local governments at various stages of adaptation and resilience development, including some adaptation and climate experts and professionals.


Début :
26 avril 2018
Fin :
28 avril 2018
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