Within the International Institute of Industrial Ecology and Green Economy, a variety of projects are being conducted and are under development. They are part of the three poles of the Institute and approach the four axes of industrial ecology. Through its projects, the institute allocates its expertise locally, nationally and internationally.

Academic Pole

The Institute welcomes students or recent graduates to carry out academic research work in partnership with Swiss universities in the fields of energy transition, the recovery of waste as a resource, the closure of material cycles and the minimization of dissipative emissions. The decarbonisation of energy and material flows, the dematerialization of products and economic activity.

Expertise, Engineering and Project Management

The institute participates in Swiss, European and international projects and mandates.

  • “La bourse aux déchets”

The project consists of the creation of a platform for the reuse of waste. It comes in the form of a website for the exchange of reusable materials / materials / objects. It is intended for companies, public authorities and individuals.

The project of “la bourse aux déchets” has been put online and is now functional. URL:

Financing Solutions Pole

  • Finding sustainable solutions for gold production and commercilisation 

As part of the program, the institute organized a round table: Gold is yellow, can it be green: issues and perspectives on the financing of sustainable production. This round table followed the brief written at the institute in collaboration with the University of Geneva.

The aim of this roundtable was to bring together the major players in the Swiss gold market to discuss solutions for sustainable gold production and financing. The event was successfully held on May 16, 2017.