Industrial ecology and green economy


  • What is industrial ecology?

“Industrial ecology is a concept that expresses an innovative attempt by our industrial system to operate in a respectful manner towards the environment by taking inspiration from the self-regulating functioning of a natural ecosystem. In practice, industrial ecology draws on the systemic approach and studies the interactions between the industrial system and the biosphere. This approach has made it possible to highlight similarities between the structure of natural ecosystems and those of industrial ecosystems. The basic idea was to draw inspiration from food chains or food webs of natural ecosystems, namely that all the waste of a company should be used by a company or an economic agent “(Alpha Dramé). It is also important to emphasize that industrial ecology is a “win-win” process, that is, it can be beneficial to all participants. Indeed, everyone has an interest in setting up industrial ecology, whether for reasons of eco-efficiency, savings in terms of raw materials or gains to be achieved through the resale of waste. These examples speak volumes about the opportunities and opportunities that industrial ecology suggests.


  • And the green economy?

“The green economy is an economy that leads to improved human well-being and social justice, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In practical terms, it can be argued that in a green economy, revenue growth and job creation come from public and private investments that lead to better use of resources, reduced carbon emissions, waste and pollution, and the prevention of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation. These investments are in turn supported by rising demand for environmentally friendly products and services, technological innovation and, in many cases, corrective fiscal and sectoral measures to ensure that prices reflect correctly. environmental costs. (UNEP)


  • The link between industrial ecology and the green economy

The green economy is the market response born of the environmental constraint. The concept takes the environmental dimension as a new opportunity and develops the notion of sustainable development. Industrial ecology is driven by the awareness of scientists and industrialists of the need for a systemic approach to our development models. Industrial ecology is the new technology approach that will build the green economy. The green economy is the governance model that will enable sustainable development (Alpha Dramé).