The International Institute of Industrial Ecology and Green Economy is a non-profit association created in Geneva in 2014. It is specialized in the practice of industrial ecology, aiming to study and understand the “industrial metabolism” of activities by adopting a systemic approach. The establishment is a space for reflection, research and implementation to establish dialogue and exchange between scientists, engineers, politicians, investors, businesses and academia.

In this sense, its added value is to transform into a functional network the disparate links existing between the actors of industrial ecology. The institute develops interdisciplinary research. For this purpose, it is divided into three poles:

  • Academic
  • Financing solutions
  • Expertise, engineering and project management

The institute’s objectives are to promote industrial ecology through scientific reflection, public policies, the execution of public or private mandates as well as the popularization of the practice within the framework of development cooperation. The institute also contributes to the realization of research programs and the organization of conferences and symposia in connection with the practice of industrial ecology. Through its activities, the institute wishes to make the current industrial system a viable system in the long term and at the service of the implementation of sustainable development. Multilateral cooperation strategies between private and public actors aim to support and encourage economic and ecological development in a sustainable way.